A private, personal training studio, owned and operated by Darren and Lydia Elder in Brentwood, Tennessee. Since theSET opened it's doors, the emphasis has been on helping people achieve complete body wellness. We work directly, and closely with each individual client, and the focus forever remains entirely on you. The result is a fresh, intelligent workout that involves complete form and function, and is precisely tailored to each client’s individual fitness level and goals.

We possess a talent for connecting with individuals and allowing them to find themselves, and what they are capable of, both physically and mentally. Our vision of the fitness world is revolutionary. Driven by our quality experience and unique style.

TheSET is far from the average gym. We knew that we didn't want a place that just sold memberships, consisting of people simply coming and going; a place to never truly learn what it is to be fit. We needed a sleek, calculated space where one could experience the true healthy lifestyle. Just as well, we didn’t want a space that only worked with stellar athletes, or solely specialized in weight loss, or marathon runners. We wanted to create something new. A fresh studio that could help all clients, regardless of what history they were coming from, or whatever amazing future goal they were headed towards.

We learned long ago what it takes to truly motivate someone, and what is necessary to find the passion needed to experience progress, success, and the ability to reach one’s goals. This allows us to effectively create your complete wellness program. A program that is crafted, and structured with only one person in mind.

It's fitness. Evolved.


    This has all led up to the SET.

                      A revolutionary, personal training studio. That's been designed just for you, no matter who you may be.



Bachelor of Science, MSU

CPT, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Integrating Nutrition, Exercise, & Lifestyle Change

TRX Training

High Intensity Interval Training Certified

Integrated Fitness Training

12+ Years Experience

Katie Feyes:

Bachelor of Science, Elon University

M.S. in Sport Administration, Austin Peay State University 

CPT, International Sports Sciences Association 

CPR/AED/First Aid Certified 

TRX Training

4+ Years Experience 


How about some fun facts about you?

I like to watch, and play most sports. I have played in a weekly volleyball league for the past 11 years, and also played for my college for four years.

I have worked in college athletics for 14 years.

I love to be a tourist in my own city and try new things around Nashville. I also love to travel, and my favorite place is Maui, Hawaii.

I enjoy cooking and getting creative in the kitchen. I do like the challenge of transforming non-healthy recipes into healthy options.

I love to stand-up paddle board.

I never travel outside of Nashville without my rain jacket.

Jordan Patterson

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science with minor in Nutrition

Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association

CPT, National Academy of Sports Medicine 

CPR/AED/First Aid Certified 

TRX Training 

5+ Years Experience


How about some fun facts about you?

I am a big sports fanatic. Huge New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

I played baseball in high school and until my junior year of college. During my senior year of high school, we won a state championship and I was named 2009 Tennessee High School Baseball Player of the Year.

I love to cook, probably as much or maybe even more than Katie does. Not that it's a competition.

I enjoy walking / running new trails with my dog, Miller.

I like to get out and volunteer on the weekends with my church. Currently we are working on a program called "Serve the City" and helping build houses right here in Nashville.

I really love hard rock music, although I may not exactly look like it.