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Owned and operated by Darren and Lydia Elder in Brentwood, Tennessee. Since THE SET opened it's doors, the emphasis has been on helping people achieve complete body wellness. We work directly, and closely with each individual client, and the focus forever remains entirely on you. The result is a fresh, intelligent workout that involves complete form and function, and is precisely tailored to each client’s individual fitness level and goals.

We possess a talent for connecting with individuals and allowing them to find themselves, and what they are capable of, both physically and mentally. Our vision of the fitness world is revolutionary. Driven by our quality experience and unique style.

THE SET is far from the average gym. We knew that we didn't want a place that just sold memberships, consisting of people simply coming and going; a place to never truly learn what it is to be fit. We needed a sleek, calculated space where one could experience the true healthy lifestyle. Just as well, we didn’t want a space that only worked with stellar athletes, or solely specialized in weight loss, or marathon runners. We wanted to create something new. A fresh studio that could help all clients, regardless of what history they were coming from, or whatever amazing future goal they were headed towards.

We learned long ago what it takes to truly motivate someone, and what is necessary to find the passion needed to experience progress, success, and the ability to reach one’s goals. This allows us to effectively create your complete wellness program. A program that is crafted, and structured with only one person in mind.

It's fitness. Evolved.


    This has all led up to the SET.

                      A revolutionary, personal training studio. That's been designed just for you, no matter who you may be.