-Owner and Founder, Darren Elder was told in high school that he would have his own gym one day, and well, this made sense. Honestly, he was always the first guy on the team to walk into the weight room, and would as well be the very last to leave. He had an absolute passion for health and fitness. He took it upon himself to learn not only about exercise, but everything in fitness that came along with it. Having a strong athletic background, he wanted to be the best he could be on the field, and he found a way to do that. It started out with teammates, friends, and family asking for workout tips, and nutritional guidance. Now it’s grown into something great, and he has dedicated himself to helping as many clients with their fitness journeys as he can.

He possesses a talent for connecting with people and allowing them to find themselves, and what they are capable of, both physically and mentally. Darren's vision of the fitness world is revolutionary. Driven by his quality experience and unique style.

Now, he didn’t actually end up opening just an average gym. He realized that he wouldn’t want a place that sold memberships, consisting of people simply coming and going; a place to never truly learn what it is to be fit. A sleek space where one could experience the true healthy lifestyle. Just as well, he didn’t want a space that only worked with stellar athletes, or solely specialized in weight loss, or marathon runners. Darren wanted to create something new. A fresh studio that could help each of these clients, regardless of what history they were coming from, or whatever amazing future goal they were headed towards.

It's fitness. Evolved.


    This has all led up to the SET.

                      A revolutionary, personal training studio. That's been designed just for you, no matter who you may be.



Bachelor of Science, MSU

CPT, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Integrating Nutrition, Exercise, & Lifestyle Change

TRX Training

High Intensity Interval Training Certified

Integrated Fitness Training

12+ Years Experience