your goals. your success.

Before and after photos aren’t really our thing, so you won’t find those here.

However, please check out what a few of our clients are saying to get a glimpse of how we help clients experience life changing results each and every day.



“Beautiful facility. State-of-the-art equipment. Great, motivating atmosphere. Most of all, really good people to work with. They know their stuff, and they care about helping clients to reach their individual goals. If you’re looking for an alternative to the crowded and uncomfortable environment of training at bigger gyms, you should definitely give The Set a try.”

-Jared S.


The Set has been amazing for me. I’ve been able to transform my body and lose extra weight I’ve been carrying around for years - something I didn’t think was possible after 40. Its all due to the amazing trainers who really care about helping attain goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

The workouts are great and challenging, but also the accountability and help with food intake was key to my success. I highly recommend TheSET! One of the best investments I’ve made!

-Nicole M.


“The Set has had a dramatic impact on me both physically and mentally. As someone who had never been to a gym or trainer ever, I was admittedly a quite bit apprehensive. They immediately put me at ease and got me going with the basics which included carefully teaching me technique so I would stay safe as I learned. I've been going 8 months now and love it more every week.

The entire team seems to have quite a knack for finding that perfect balance of helping you find enough success to build confidence and enough failure to build drive and determination to push to the next level. I am NOT a gym guy and never expected to enjoy getting fit as much as I have. It's 100% due to my experience at The Set.

Oh, and its probably worth mentioning that the physical changes were noticeable enough a coworker demanded to know how I did it, and then immediately started going to The Set as well and is thrilled.”